Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stormy Weather

As a mother, I would like to protect my children from all hurt. All mothers feel this way. That feeling doesn’t stop just because our children are over 18. It is a forever kind of thing. Maybe homeschooling parents feel this even stronger than most – we spend a great deal of time pouring in wisdom and protecting our children. Of course, we each teach and protect as we feel best. But we mothers are not stupid. We know that at some point the reins must be turned over; the apron strings cut. We do our best to provide wisdom, sound teaching, strength, and courage to our children, so that in times of trouble our children will be able to stand – weather the storms. When Christ likens His love to a parent for his child, He gives us a perfect picture – perfect understanding of what His love is, because we know as parents what our love is for our children. I would gladly step in and take the pain and suffering for my children. I would die for them. Although that kind of love is required of us, it is not necessarily what we get to do for them in life. Instead, we prepare them the best we can for life. We continue to give them sound advice when necessary. Then we give them support as they take on the world, and we pray that they stand firm.

Yesterday, I thought often of Airman Mom and her son in Afghanistan. In her post she mentioned the worry she felt for him. I totally understand. I bet she would gladly have gone to war in his stead to know that he was safe. But that is not the way of things. Our young people are trained, ready, and able to do the job. And us mothers have to let them go. And pray.


Buck said...

I bet she would gladly have gone to war in his stead to know that he was safe.

I have a slightly different thought as a father. I've often told both boys that I wish I had a piece of this war as it is more righteous than mine was. I'd like to have been able to go to this war WITH them.

But... your larger points are taken. We worry. But we also know they are prepared and well-equipped.

I'm glad you and the house are still standing!

Becky said...

No, we can't protect our children from all hurt. I don't think we should. It is through their pain and difficulty that they grow, that character is developed.

Anonymous said...

.... you are doing a wonderful job, ma'am...... and you're right.... Moms and Dads can't protect always..... sometimes the kids just have to rely on what they've been taught......


Bag Blog said...

I can see you fighting along side of your sons.

As I said, we came through this standing more firm - the trick is to equip your kids before you send them out.

Thanks. I like my kids pretty well. Sometimes it is hard to sit on the sidelines.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

"Train up a child in the way they should go..." so that when the trials come, and they will, they won't depart from the Truth. Stay in it...you've raised to very fine, very strong, very good people.

Mrs. Bear said...

Does that mean no vases??? :(

Jo Castillo said...

Such true words, thanks!