Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Valentine Present Ever

Before I tell you what Toby bought me for Valentine’s Day, I need to tell you that we had another water leak. We fixed it on Sunday afternoon. The melting snow made it a bit more difficult to find this leak, and we did a bit of digging. We are down to one good shovel – having loaned the other one to our son. We did have another shovel in the back of the truck, but it has gone missing. Of course, we have a flat-head shovel and a couple of post-hole diggers, but not what we really needed for the job. Isn’t that the way it goes?!
After finding the leak, we went to town for plumbing parts. As we walked into Ace Hardware, another couple came walking out. They were covered in mud - just like we were. I asked, "Water leak?" The lady replied, "You too?" And we all laughed. As we walked on into the store, an Ace employee said, "Plumbing supplies are on aisle 9." We didn’t even have to ask.

So what would a good husband buy his wife on Valentine’s Day, but a shovel? He is such a thoughtful man.
He even took a red marker and drew little hears and a Valentine’s Day message: Be My Valentine; I really dig you. I love that man!


Deb said...

Glad to see that Toby spared no expense on your gift. Y'all gots a gooder there!

Buck said...

Be My Valentine; I really dig you.

Heh. I've known some women who would've put the shovel to IMMEDIATE use, with recovery being a dicey proposition.

wv: berack. Whut? I wasn't being political at ALL!

Buckskins Rule said...

What Buck said. Were I to give Mrs. BR a shovel, for any reason, I fear that it would only be used to cover up my untimely demise.

Of course, our water is working.

joyce said...

ah. Bob needs a new tractor sprinkler. I should get him one and draw little red hearts on it. what a good idea.

but, Bob is buying me a new computer stack online. I think he is afraid I am going to wear his laptop out. maybe if he drew read hearts on it I could remember when we bought it warranty wise

Bag Blog said...

Joyce, a computer may be what I get for my birthday - mixed emotions about that.

BR, it was the hearts and the sentiment and the thought behind the gift that makes it all work. Those are the things women want.

Staci said...

That. Is. Awesome. And I mean that sincerely.

I love tools and lawn stuff, they're the best gifts!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Staci. I sincerely liked it too.

Junk Diva said...

Glad your leak is fixed.

Toby is such a romantic.

Dale said...

The more I get to know Toby the more I like about that man!! WTG Toby the perfect gift that keeps on giving!!