Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last Weekend

Friday night we kept the GGs. As usual, they were a hoot. Of course we are easily entertained. To keep THEM entertained, we watched "How to Train Your Dragon," which was a fun movie. They also love to play with my cats. Frank lets them wag him all over the house. Rosita, well, she is getting used to them, but she is not always cooperative. At one point, GBN2 said, "Why is that cat looking at me? Well, I am a child of God." It was such a good line, that I we have used it several times since then. She also said, "Booboo, I’m going to give you a big pwesent." Then she put her little arms around me and gave me a big hug. I liked my pwesent.

Saturday morning we had strawberries and pancakes with whipped cream. GBN2 ate the strawberries and whipped cream, but left the pancake. After breakfast, we headed over to WF to see the great-grandmothers. We went to Cheddar’s for lunch. It was busy and loud and the GGs were restless. I made the mistake of setting GBN2 between the Great-Grans. She managed to spill her drink while both Great-Grans did nothing. I gave them a hard time about being retired and not doing their job anymore. Back at Toby’s Mom’s new apartment, Jesse chased the girls around the yard while we did some visiting. We were hoping to wear them out a bit so that they would sleep on the way home. It worked like a charm. Jesse took a nap on the way home, too.

Back in Duncan, we took the GGs to a birthday/skating party. Neither had ever skated before, but did very well. There were lots of adults to help hold kids up and teach them to skate. But I’m tellin’ you, if they were not tired, I certainly was worn out by the end of the party. This is my favorite picture.
Here are GGs and best friend.
This was suppose to be a photo of Lindz and Jes with the GGs, but this is how the first one turned out. GBN1 was standing one minute and down the next.
Later we went for hamburgers and had some ice cream. Blue "Birthday Cake" ice cream was a hit. We took the GGs home and put them to bed, but not before GBN2 was breaking down. They fell asleep pretty fast, and we waited for their parents to get home. Toby, Jes, and I fell asleep pretty fast too.


Dale said...

Looked like a great time!

Buck said...

Toby, Jes, and I fell asleep pretty fast too.

Grandbabies DO tire ya out. I have a lil bit o' experience with that phenomenon, which makes ya appreciate The Plan. "The Plan" bein' you get to give the grandbabies back to their parents after the fun is over. Most of the time.

As for the GREAT-grandparents being retired... well, yeah. That too is part of The Plan. Git with it, Granny!

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