Friday, February 11, 2011

Compelled or Stubborn

With my blogoversary coming up in about a week, I went back and did some looking at my first year of posts. I did some of my best writing that first year. Maybe I just had lots in me to come out. Maybe it was a more interesting time in my life. For pretty much the first year I had three people who made occasional comments, and they were all relatives. Actually all three tried their own blog, but did not stick with it on a regular basis. I didn’t get a regular follower until Buck showed up in January of 2006 – almost one year of blogging without comments. Buck was probably the best thang that happened to my blog. He taught me lots of technical stuff as well as teaching me good blogger etiquette. Thanks for staying with me, Buck.

Through the years, I’ve made some good blog buddies. Some are still with it, and some are not. Sometimes I think about stopping my blog when I get few comments, but why should that really matter. Someone once told me that a real artist is one who does their art no matter what – like they are compelled to draw or paint or whatever. Maybe writing is the same way. Sometimes I just need to put thought to writing – I’m not sure why.

At first those who read my blog, told me they loved it. Well, they loved it until I said something controversial or made them feel uneasy or poked fun at them, etc. I remember the first time I caught heck for something I wrote on my blog. It made me want to quit the blog business. But then I had that "who the heck are you to tell me what I can and can’t say" thought. Usually I check my motives – the purpose in doing the writing. I check my story – was I truthful. I check my words/writing. I have found that many times people read into my words what they want to hear/read – maybe they need to check their own motives. Anyway, I have deleted a few posts over the years when someone felt hurt over a story or just did not want their story told. Most of the time I stick with what I wrote – this is my blog, my thoughts, my view of life, and my journal.

I still get that awed feeling when someone says that they read my blog. I think, "Really! Whatever for?" But I do appreciate my readers – thank you for staying with me. Sometimes I am amazed at who does not read my blog (family and special friends), but that is okay too. Maybe I’m just not exciting enough for them. Sometimes I wish no one read my blog (except for Buck) so that I could say what I really, really feel. Sometimes I wish I had several different blogs so that I could be a different person in each blog.

It has been six years of blogging and maybe my stories are not so great anymore, but I still feel compelled to write, or maybe I'm just stubborn. So there it is.


Deb said...

Good morning Lou.
this is my blog, my thoughts, my view of life, and my journal. Stick with it girl, this is your space. Say what you want to say. You seem to be someone who doesn't pull punches in person, why would you do it here?

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Deb. There have been those times when someone did not like what I wrote and I thought, "Good grief! Don't you know me by now?"

Christina LMT said...

Happy Blogiversary, Lou!
You write whatever you feel compelled to write. This is YOUR house, you make the rules and to hell with what anyone else thinks about it.

John said...

Been with you for a long time Lou...and I don't believe nothing you say will offend me!!! We've been friends too long, and besides...we tried to offend the heck out of each other back in RR. You're a good habit each and every morning...keep it up kiddo. Appreciate you putting your thoughts into words. Tell Toby and the family hi...John

Bag Blog said...

Thanks John, if anyone knows that I will speak my mind when I want, it is you.

Christina, although I feel the same way, it is easier said than done.

Jo Castillo said...

Hi Lou, came by to see about the snow and find it is your blogoversary! Congratulations! I started my blog in 2006 and you were soon on my list. You are a bit more cantankerous but have been an inspiration to keep me writing. I write lots of posts and don't post them, so admire you for speaking your mind.

I'm always surprised at the posts that get the most comments. Usually something irrelevant. No one comments on serious or patriotic posts. Sigh.....

Don't give up, I won't have nearly so many smiles. I love your art, too. The painting is sooooo beautiful. I hung it with my house collection, all are small, but that takes center stage. :) Gene loves it, too, and that is special. He is a tough critic. :)


Buck said...

Wow. It pleases me to know I can still blush, and I'm serious about that. Thanks for the kind, kind words, Lou. You know the feeling is mutual, as well.

I don't think I've ever deleted a post but I have OFTEN thought of creating a second blog to tell war stories that wouldn't be suitable for my grandkids to read. Or rather, things I wouldn't WANT my grandkids to read... I don't wanna shatter their illusions. ;-)

You're my first read every day. I hope you never stop blogging, because you are the best in the blogosphere's "as-real-as-it-gets" genre.

Happy Sixth!

Nancigail said...

Your blogs make my heart smile....& I believe we view life the same - spiritually, politically, socially, etc. The principals of what our parents & grandparents gave us to carry on to our kids & grand kids will be what matters the most! You have the gift of writing your amazing stories & thoughts in this blog, and I just wanted to stop by and thank you! I am grateful for your beautiful, (sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad), memories of RR. Have you started writing a book yet?
Happy blogoversary to you & my heart says Happy Valentine's Day, as well! ;)

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. "Cantankerous" huh, well maybe so. It is your art and blog that inspire me - in art and writing.

Buck, I like to make you blush. I'm not sure I could handle a "war stories" blog - you make me blush with some of your stories now.

Thank you, Nancigail. I've always been amazed at your ability to smile through some pretty tough times and your gracious ways have been an example before me. I wish my blogger buddies knew you so that they could understand how much your words mean to me.

Buckskins Rule said...

Congrats, Lou! I don't comment as often as I should, but I read each and every post. Don't worry about why we read, we just do.

Buck is a bit of a force in our blog circle here, isn't he. His was one of the first blog's I started reading regularly, and the first I began to comment on.

I try to keep my blog on the DL where family and friends are concerned. Too many folks who know me have found out about it, which tempers some of the things that might otherwise say.

Keep up the blogging!

Junk Diva said...

Happy Anniversary Lou. I love your blog, read it every day. I makes me smile. You inspired me to start a blog, I may even get back to it. I enjoy your stories of everyday life, and the way you look at things. Then again, I am easily humored.

Amanda said...

Wow, six years! Congratulations!