Thursday, March 03, 2011

LOL and Carry a Big Brush

I painted with the Ladies yesterday. Not having anything in mind to paint when we sat down, I spent a bit of time looking for something. Barb was having the same problem. So we finally decided on this picture from an art book. It seemed a fairly loose and easy painting - not much drawing time involved and more time to get to the painting. Easy seemed nice. We started by painting the entire paper with yellow, which is called glazing. After the yellow dried we applied some masking fluid by flicking the masking onto the painting with a toothbrush - to "save" the yellow leaf areas. Masking is a bit like rubber cement, which can later be pulled off the paper. For me, this was a "stand up" painting. That doesn't mean I thought it was a great painting. No, I mean I literally stood up, and I painted with a big brush to get the looseness that I wanted. Sometimes as painters, we get too controlled and tight. It feels good to stand, and swing your arm and wield a big brush. Sometimes it makes me lol.


Buck said...

I love the full-scale photos you post of your work, Lou, coz I get to see a lil more of your technique "up close and personal." I find the creative process as interesting as the final work.

Great stuff!

wv: guitisma. I think this is a medical term that describes what happens when guitar players get Writer's Block.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, funny you should mention the bigger pictures. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my photos since they take up so much space. I think it causes my computer to run slower - what do you think?

Buck said...

I dunno about the size of your photos making the computer run slower, but I kinda doubt it. I have THOUSANDS of original size photos on my 'puter, and nearly half that amount of photos I re-size for the blog. Actually, I just checked: the count of "My Pictures" directory is 21.3 GB of pics with 14,223 files in 360 folders (I'm pretty weird and VERY specific with my filing). My computer is plenty fast, so I don't think that's your problem... just my humble opinion, of course.

Andy said...

Yeah Lou, unless you've got a Commodore66, the size of your pictures shouldn't make any difference about the speed of your machine.

Probably just need a good defrag, deletion of unused files...and programs. BTW...if you've got games on there, send them to the wastebasket of uselessness...they SUCK speed.

Oh yeah, I was gonna tell you that the title of this post literally made me guffaw. Really.

I've told you about my Mom the artist. I'm gonna use it on her, and she will surely double over. Really, she will.

Bag Blog said...

Andy and Buck, the reason I thought it was my photos is because of the Canon program saves photos, but they also go into My Pictures. Whenever I try to use a photo from MP, my computer freezes up - I have to shut things down and start again. It usually works the second time, but not always. So, I figured it had to do with My Pictures.

Andy, I like to laugh and make people laugh - so I hope your mom LOL.

Staci said...

I LOVE that picture!