Sunday, July 10, 2011

To Be Refreshed

Okay! Stick a fork in me; I'm done! The red dirt of OK is brick hard and 'bout burned up. For me personally, I thought I was done, too - with blogging that is. This past week I have not felt much urge to blog, although in my mind, I'm constantly blogging. Some little thang happens, and I run it through my mind. Will it blog? And yet, I have not written any of these little thangs or any of my thoughts. Maybe I'm burned out with the heat. When you post and only get four comments (two of which were mine) it is disheartening.

On the other hand, when I started this blog, I had little to no comments for the first year. It didn't bother me then; why should it bother me now? But then Buck came along and I fell into a friendly band of bloggers. He has spoiled me rotten. There is an etiquette to blogging and not everyone understands that. It's kind of like checking out at Wal-Mart - lots of people don't know the etiquette there either. They stand around talking on their cell phone rather than moving their items from the cart to the conveyor belt. They don't move their cart up and out of the way for the next person - keeping it moving - yippie ki-yay!

Anyway, Jesse is off in NM having another great adventure. She took Mom and met up with some other family in RR. I could have gone, but I am savoring my time in RR for a girl-friend reunion later in July. Jesse called today (they do have cell phone service after all). She said she was looking for someplace to take a nap. I totally understood. She said several family members were going to Santa Fe and coming back on Tuesday. She had been invited, but she really wanted to just stay in RR. I totally get that too. Sometimes you just need to be in RR. You need to soak up the cool mountain air and be at peace.

The other day I was out filling up the kiddie pool, which has become a water trough for the animals. I put the pool near the pine tree so that if it leaks, it will water the tree. As I stood there letting the hose run, the wind blew through the pine tree. And just for a moment, I heard the sound of the mountains. That is what I want to do while I'm in the mountains this summer. I want to hear the wind in the pines and the water running in the stream. My girl-friend emailed to ask me all sorts of questions about our plans for being in RR. I told her that as long as I get to drink coffee early in the mornings while sitting out on the porch, I will be a happy camper. I just want to BE in RR.

So during my phone conversation with Jesse she said, "So are you okay? You haven't been blogging." Wow, thanks for noticing and asking. I explained how I felt...who cares... no one comments..." She said, "But Mom, everyone up here reads your blog." Hmm, I'm sure she was exaggerating, but God, I love her! What a cool, refreshing spirit - like a walk in the NM rain!
This is one of my all-time favorite photos of Jes - taken after the Hotter 'n Hell last year - it just seems refreshing.


Becky said...

I've also considered dropping the blog. I seldom receive comments any more, and my site meter registers very few hits. It's your decision, but I am still reading.

Staci said...

I've figured out that I'm a great blog reader, but not so much a commenter. I promise to do better! Don't quit!

By the way, I think it's the heat. It's just h.o.t.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, I still "follow" you and read bits and pieces of your blog. I need to do better.

Staci, Sometimes I rack my brain to come up with a comment on someone's blog. But my brain melted.

John said...

You know that I read every day Lou...but as I'm fairly opinionated like you, I'm sure I would tick off someone with some of my comments. Speaking of the mountains, we are currently up in Woodland Park, CO. It was 60 about an hour and half has been fantastic. Cool mountains showers (and some storms) with beautiful mornings. We have been to Loveland, Colorado Springs (way too much traffic) and now Woodland. Susie and I love Loveland and Woodland Park. Now we have to decide which one to retire at in about 3 years...yee-hi. Will be in RR on Tuesday.

Jesse said...

Well, I was going to stay in RR, but they said they were going to a Georgia O'Keefe museum. I couldn't pass that up! I love you too, Mom :)

Jo Castillo said...

I'm irritated at the blogging world, too. Seems blogs are being abandoned for facebook and twitter. I do fb so I can communicate with the grandkids. I hate that I can't comment the way and amount I want too. They change it every day. I can't have a fan page separate from my home page, well it is separate, but not. I still try to blog as much as I can.

Been on the road, so commenting is scarce for a while. I will truly miss your blog if you stop, but understand. Thanks for stopping by my blog once in a while.

Hope to see you in RR.

AirmanMom said...

I beliebe most of us in the blogosphere wonder 'why' on more than one occassion. Each time I thnk of shutting down...I find just one more post idea. Then I discovered, I blog for me. It's a diary of thoughts... for your OK in the village we live on a rock shelf. Yep, everytime we plant a tree or rose bush, it requires a sitick of TNT! Yesterday as we were erecting an arbor, hit a much work for a small addtion to the yard!
Hope you hang on.....

Bag Blog said...

I know you read and rarely comment. You would rather just pick up the phone and call - that's okay with me.

O'Keefe is interesting, but I'd stay in the mountains myself. But I understand the pull of family and friends - can't miss a party!

I think you are right about FB and Twitter. Blogs may be a thing of the past. We can sit out in the mountain air soon and visit about it.

Airman Mom,
I will probably hang on. Like you, I find little things to write about - a journal of sorts.

Deb said...

This past week I have not felt much urge to blog, although in my mind, I'm constantly blogging. I'm kinda in the same boat Lou. I have all these things in my head and then when I sit down, they're POOF gone. We'll wait for ya.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Deb. I'll come around.

Buck said...

Well... so much for the "no comments" thang! And thanks for the kind words. You KNOW I look forward to your visits and thoughts every single day.

You've had much hotter WX than us lately. But we've been in the very high 90s with occasional triple-digit temp days. That said... Our altitude is such that it cools down fairly rapidly once sunset comes on and that has turned into my favorite part of the day.

I could use an RR weekend, methinks.

WV: creaker. No shit, really. LOL!

Fire Fox said...

I may not always comment, but I do stop in to read when I can. I would miss your quick wit, beautiful art and lovely tales... I hope having all of us comment has reassured you that what you write DOES matter. I'm doing an Indian Rain Dance in your honor...


Bag Blog said...

What would I do without you and my morning coffee?

If it does not get cooler soon, I may have to come see you.

Anonymous said...

I read too, but don't comment. Sorry, Lou! I enjoy keeping up with the goings-on at the Lazy B! Please don't stop!


joyce said...

Late to the party! But, I enjoy your blog. So refreshing. Fun.

I have not been blogging lately. Seems I am suppose to be careful what I say about my sons and nephew in A-stan. Yikes. Firstborn learned that afghanis make $1,000 to kill an American soldier.

And it has been like a hotel here---we have had one set or the other. Seems I am constantly changing sheets, doing laundry, letting out the dog. The neighbor boy just came by to wear Tifa out for a while. yay

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Tammy. It's good to know you are there.

Joyce, I was wondering where you were.

Moogie P said...

I'm here, too!

Don't stop -- remember that the ol' brain needs to be used or lost. Even if you don't send the thpoughts through the fingers onto the keyboard, you're still composing in your head, so you might as well share it with us.

I've been reading back through my archives lately -- sometimes it's nice to re-live a slice of life with the benefit of time's perspective.

I can't wait to read about your visit to RR -- I'm feeling that way about Arkansas lately. Haven't been there in a month, but had grown accustomed to being there every 10 days to 2 weeks for awhile leading up to the wedding.

Andm, it's sooooooo frickin' hot!!