Sunday, January 08, 2012

Weekend Report - Birthday

Toby's birthday was Saturday. It did not go off as we thought it would, but it was a good day - a good weekend. Toby had told the kids that he did not know what he wanted to do on his b-day other than relax and not have to be anywhere. We needed to get some things done on the house while the weather was good. I started a pot of beans to have for his birthday supper (it is what he wanted) but then we would just wing his birthday plans. Saturday morning, he decided he wanted pancakes for breakfast (not on our diet, but it was his birthday). Since pancakes are the GGs favorite, we called them and invited them for breakfast. Jesse put blueberries in the pancakes to make them special. The GGs added whipped cream to make them extra special. The girls were lots of fun. We ran and played until lunch.

After the GGs went home, my nephew and one of his friends showed up to cut firewood. I love it when the nephs come. Toby got out the tractor and drug up a dead tree for them - one that some beavers had eaten down a couple of years ago. He didn't want the neph to scratch up his truck getting to the tree which was on the far side of the pond. While he had the tractor out, he worked on the driveway and some other things that needed tractor work. About the time we actually started doing work on the house, some friends from church showed up. We gave them the tour of the new house and visited for a bit. When they left, the neph and his friend were finished cutting up the tree and were hungry. So we took them to eat at the Chuckwagon - always a treat - and then sent them home. It was too late to start the work on the house that we had planned, and we were rather worn out. I made a pear pie for Toby's birthday - rather than a cake. It was delicious with ice cream.

After church on Sunday, we strapped on the knee pads and did some grouting to the tile we had laid last week. Grouting is grueling work. I'm worn out as I type this, and my hands are dry, dry, dry. Tomorrow after I do some more clean-up work, I'll try to post some pics of the tile. We are expecting a carpet person to come measure for carpet. Yeha!

For a weekend with no plans, it was rather full. What we should have done was go to Golden Corral so Toby could get the senior discount now that he is 55 - ha!. Years ago Denny's restaurants had a birthday special and would give a free meal on someone's birthday. Your life would really be sad, if that was the best you could do for a birthday. Although we started off with no plans other than work on the house and a birthday dinner of beans, cornbread and fried tators, along with some pear pie, the Chuckwagon was pretty darn nice. The pancakes and GGs were fun, too. And I loved all the visitors. You'd think it was my birthday.


AirmanMom said...

sounds perfect!!!!
Happy Monday!

joyce said...

pear pie? do you add lots of brown sugar, and cinnamon like you do apple pie? Bob loves apple pie better than birthday cake.

wonderful rain here today. we need it.

Buck said...

Happy Birthday to Toby.

A full weekend, as always. I could use me some blueberry pancakes... right NOW.

wv: anangwok. A highly specialized oriental cooking utensil, featuring an angular design and available at Brookstone and other selected fine retail stores. Also the name of a rejected character idea for Star Wars.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, AirmanMom.

I don't use brown sugar in either my apple or pear pies - should I? But I do them pretty much the same with regular sugar a bit of flour and cinnamon.

Blueberries are suppose to be good for the memory. I just wish I could remember to pick them up at the grocery store.

I was also thinking Star Wars when I saw your VW.

Becky said...

Happy birthday, Toby!

Jo Castillo said...

Happy belated birthday to Toby! Sounds like a perfect weekend. You are so close to finishing the house.

wv: rents Now what can we do with that?