Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catching Up and Upholstery

It was touch and go there for a while, but now that I have internet again, I may live. For my morning news, I had to watch TV! Toby laughed and said "How archaic!" and said that I might have to buy a newspaper - God forbid! The computer techie showed up about 4:45 yesterday afternoon. Since I normally leave for my upholstery class about that time, I was a bit anxious. Fortunately, it was a quick fix - some little power box on the connector thangie had to be replaced. If I had missed the computer tech, it would have been next week before they would schedule another appointment with me. I would have been a crazy woman by then. Well, crazier than I am, anyway.

Upholstery class last night was not very uplifting. On the way to class, I told my upholstery buddies that I was planning on writing a letter to the vo-tech school to complain about our teacher. Although she is a nice lady, she is not a good teacher. She lacks communication, organization, and observation skills. I understand that upholstery is not rocket surgery (little joke there), but when you pay money for a class, you expect certain things - like learning, attention, competency, etc. Maybe the public has become used to mediocrity. Maybe if people demanded better, they would get better. I plan on doing a bit of demanding in my letter. So, last night Lindz went through a similar experience as mine, and was so frustrated that she wanted to just leave class and never come back. She and the teacher exchanged some serious words, not bad words, but it was intense. Lindz was pretty upset, but told her not to worry - that I was literate. That made Lindz laugh, and that was the point.

My cousin's son, Mario came to supper Monday night. He is so stinkin' cute and enjoyable! Here is a picture of him and his sister taken a few years ago. Mario is working for Red Hat and is in Ardmore for the next several weeks. Since Ardmore is not very exciting, he and his coworker came for a home-cooked meal. He explained what he did for Red Hat when asked. After he finished explaining and my eyes came back out of the blond daze, I asked if he could fix my internet. It was a joke! His coworker replied, "We get that a lot." Toby said they ate like "starved dogs." I love it when young men eat with gusto - I find it quite complimentary to have someone eat your food and enjoy it. It was a good visit - probably not as exciting for him being with his older cousin, but I had fun.

Gotta get my day going. Being back online sure is nice.


Buck said...

Write that letter! I'm prone to posting a lot of my frustrations but I also write the occasional letter when I'm not served well. It's our ONLY recourse, since firebombing's a crime.

I'd go nuts without these inter-tubes. A long outage would push me right over the edge... and I'm pretty close as it is.

Bag Blog said...

Firebombing would be rather satisfying, but probably only for a short time. A good ol' whuppin' would be pleasin' too, but same problem. Actually one of the big problems here is that the upholstery teacher is a nice lady - it would be hard to be ugly to someone who is nice and whose problem is stupidity and ignorance. That is why the letter needs to go to the higher-ups so that they know that people in the class were not happy.

Becky said...

Glad you're back, Lou. Yes, write that letter. When you pay for something, you should expect quality.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, It is stirring in my mind.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, bummer. The letter is important. They never know otherwise and keep doing it over and over.

Cindy said...

Hey Lou, thanks so much for feeding and entertaining Mario last week. He enjoyed his visit with you and Toby and the home cooked meal. He is a mess, but so much fun to be around. Xoxoxoxox Cindy