Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Report - Kites

My internet went down on Friday about noon. I called in for tech support. They had me unplug and plug things in again and again. Then they said they would send someone to see what the problem was - Tuesday. Great. Do they really get paid to say plug and unplug your router?

So I am behind on my blog reading. It may take me a while to catch up. Today I am using the internet in town at my tutoree's place. Maybe I can get something blogged and do a bit of catching up before I have to tutor.

The weekend started off beautifully
kind of a golden morning. It just got better. The sun was out, the sky was clear and blue, and best of all, the wind was just a light breeze. Jesse had a little dinner party for some of her friends on Friday night. They also did a bit of shooting before dinner. They cooked K-bobs on the grill. Toby and I had to leave for a couple of hours for choir practice. A couple of hours! Of singing! How ridiculous is that! When we got back to the party, the food was almost gone and the mood was crazy fun. Everyone talking and sharing funny stories - Lindz was on a roll. At one point, Jesse started a story and then stopped mid-sentence as if remembering where she was and who she was with - her dad was in the room. Everyone laughed and laughed at her. Guess you had to be there.

Saturday we worked around the house and yard. Last summer we mowed maybe one time. Then it was so hot that nothing grew - even in the shade. This year we have already mowed twice - and had to mow really slow because the grass/clover was so tall. We didn't work too hard. Saturday afternoon, we stopped work and went to town to see a soccer game. The GGs were there as were lots of other friends - kind of a social event. We all got a little sunburned from just an hour or so we were out. Jesse gave GBN1 a toy airplane and spent lots of time trying to make it fly.

Sunday after church and a bit more yard work, we went back to town to meet up with the GGs and do a bit of kite flying. It was a perfect day for it. The breeze was pleasant and just right for kites. How about these beauties! Bo and GBN1 and airplane with Jes trying to fly kites CrewCraw and GBN2 and new whale kite

It was a very nice weekend. Hopefully I will get my internet up and running tomorrow. Sigh.


Becky said...

Ugh, no fun not having internet. Sometimes I wonder what I did before I had it.

Buck said...

Great pics, as always, and a beautiful weekend. Have you ever marveled about how well our lives are documented now... what with digital still/video cameras, blogs, and the inter-tubes, in general? This generation of kids is destined to be the most-photographed group of children, ever. That's such a great good thang!

I'd wondered what happened to ya. I hope your tech guy gets ya up and running today with no additional problems. said...

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