Friday, March 30, 2012


Yesterday was a productive day, and yet, I still was able to lay around and eat bonbons. The day started off rather foggy and overcast, but the weatherman promised sunshine. So, I washed several loads of clothes - things that I could hang on the line. Sure 'nuff, the sun came out and the breeze was not too much for the clothesline. We had sweet smelling sheets last night. I also did some switching out of winter clothes for summer ones. I still have more to do there. I made chicken salad for lunch and for Toby when he got home from work - since I had upholstery class last night. Class went well, and I got lots done. Most of you are probably itchin' to see how my lounger is coming. Here is a sneak peak, although I wanted to make you wait for the finished product.
I took a pic of Lindz and her chair too. Her hubby showed up toward the end of class last night and got in the photo. He gave her a little squeeze right as I snapped this photo - hence the big smiles. We have one more week - two more classes, and this will all be over. The best part of this class is being with my buddies - I love these ladies. The worst part of the class is driving home by myself after dropping them all off. It is usually 11PM before I get home.

Jesse is running in a 5k obstacle/mud run thang this weekend. We may have to get up early and go watch - taking lots of pictures. We may take the bikes too and do a bit of riding. Have a good weekend.


Buck said...

Your lounger is comin' along very nicely.

A 5K mud run? You have enough water for mud? Who'd a thunk it...

Jo Castillo said...

Beauty of a chair. Great to have Internet again. I have withdrawals. I can enjoy myself, reading or doing puzzles, even paint a bit. Just so far behind when you get back to it.

Bag Blog said...

The pond is full here. The river is up, too. Still, I could have it wrong; it could be more of an obstacle course rather than mud run.

I read lots and have plenty to do, but I miss my internet.