Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Summer Art 5

Bwahahaha! I downloaded a new app to my Kindle Fire and drew this picture.  But that's not all. Then I figured out how to move it from my Fire to my computer.  After a few brain farts and begging Toby to help me, which he refused, the ol' brain kicked in.  It was like a light went off.  Duh! Look out, Jo! I'm gonna be as techie as you before ya know it.  I may never reach Buck's techie status, but I can dream.

As to the drawing app, it is quite fun.  I think I will enjoy trying different pencils and paints.  I had a hard time getting the eyes even and the same size.  My finger must be crooked.  Either I need to work on my technique, or I could call this my Picasso Period.

In remembrance of  D-Day, Here are links to Jesse's pictures of Normandy and Pointe Du Hoc


Andy said...

I like it. Looks like my Grandmother after a few beers & a bucket of crawfish.

Actually, it looks like her before that, too. (She's been dead a long time now).

I REALLY like it.

I like the kid playing baseball, too. Brings back good memories, Lou.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Andy. The kid playing baseball brings back memories for me. That kid's grandfather played little league baseball with my brother - back before us girls were allowed to play. But I remember going to the games and hoping to snag a foul ball and return it to the concession stand for a snow-cone.

Jesse said...

I like it too. It's kind of mysterious and artsy.

Buck said...

...or I could call this my Picasso Period.

Yeah, ya could. It would be appropriate, too. ;-)

PS: I'm NOT a techie, although I used to play one.

Bag Blog said...

I guess a techie sounds like a fan of Star Trek. Maybe I should have said geek. Na, that doesn't fit either.

Anonymous said...

.... very, very, very nice........ you have missed your calling!..