Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The New Year Cometh

Another year has come and gone. Part of it seemed to drag - like the hot months of the summer, but the rest of the year flew by. My January is already filling up with lots of little things, causing me to say, "If I can just get through Jan 15th, I'll have more time..." Isn't that the way it always goes?

We mad some good memories in 2013. My trip to Paris with my cousins and Jesse was great. The trip to Ecuador with Toby and Jes was maybe even better. I'd go back to either country in a heart beat. More travel is definitely on the to-do list.

This year I've seen the serious deterioration of my mother-in-law's health. She went from doing fairly well, to OMG pretty darn quick. One day she was attending all sorts of functions at her senior living home and getting out and about often; then suddenly she was not leaving her apartment at all.  It kind of blows my mind.

My own mother has been doing fairly well. A few years ago, her health took a turn - she went from being a young 70+ woman, to an old woman almost over night. The good news is that she has become much better physically. Mentally, well not so much. She has more and more bouts of forgetfulness. But then, maybe that is pretty normal for an 82 year old. She seems happy, though, and for that I am thankful. She has a man friend who takes her dancing twice a week and out to eat enough times that she has gained a few pounds.She seems to be a happy camper.

Between both moms, we've been hopping. Either Toby or I go to WF once a week to check on the moms and do little errands for them. Since Jesse lives with my mom while attending college, I don't have to check on her as often, but it is good to do things with her when I can. Next week she has eye surgery. It should be simple stuff, but she is pretty hyped over it. Life has certainly changed.

It is funny now that we are empty nesters, people think we should have much more time, but with the Mom's, it is like we have exchanged our children for new children - or maybe I should say responsibilities have changed. Keeping up with the Moms has become a thang. Although, I should also say that I really like the empty nester stage of life. I love it when Jesse comes home, but I'm good with her living her own life. I'd be even better if she were married and having me some more grandbabies. But hey! It is what it is and I can live with whatever.

As with other New Year's, I have things I want to do better - like my art. I am still teaching my little class, and I am still tutoring three days a week. Those are things that are time consuming, but in a good way. My art girls and tutoree keep me young. They keep me in my art. For a friend, I'm going to teach a little art class to some ladies later in January. I'd like to do more teaching, but we will see. Mostly, I want to do more art and do it better.

As for this blog, it has been a struggle - and so I took a break.  After keeping it up for years, it had become habit, but a time consuming habit. I'm constantly blogging in my head, but the need to put it in writing seems to have dwindled. Do I let it die or do I change it up? That is the question. I have no answer. I have thought about changing my blog to be more about art, but we will see.

Change is good, but it is difficult. Watching the Mom's getting old and losing their health makes me want changes in my life.  I want to be active. I want to be healthy. I want to live with no regrets. I want to keep my brain in gear. I want to be organized. I want to love more. I want to try harder. None of this is new, but watching the Mom's has instilled the need to not put things off. Watching Jesse's friend Abigail die of cancer at such a young age, but with such grace and joy, it all makes me want to do better. Isn't that what the New Year celebration is all about? I love the idea of a new start - New Year's or not.


Jo Castillo said...

Hard with the moms I know. Gene and I are now becoming the old ones. We drive Joanna and the rest crazy. Hopefully we can keep traveling and having fun, too. We have both napped a lot since everyone left. Ha.

I'm sure your new year and new start will be great, whichever way you decide to go. Wishing you a very happy and wonderful New Year!

Stefan said...

Happy New Year! I'm sure doing, and teaching art is much more satisfying than writing. My computer died and Adobe won't let me re-enable my Photoshop license (too old a version), so I'm learning a new computer, and new software for my digital camera. I may get serious now that I'm retired. But I need winter to go away first.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Jo. You and Gene have a great New Year.

Bag Blog said...

Another thing I want as I grow older is to stay fairly tech savvy. I need to work on that more.

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Stefan said...

If you want a little high-tech art, there's a guy named Jeff Norwell who is a commercial artist, who often contributes how-to stuff.

Here's a good example. I hope they don't make you login to read it, but just viewing his stuff is reason enough to join, ha.

Here's the link, and it is art related!