Monday, October 31, 2016

Catching Up

This painting of aspens was giving me fits. The photo that it was taken from has this wonderful light showing through the trees. I was trying to capture the light. Then I lost the sky - too many leaves. I guess I got carried away. So, I've continued to work on it off and on the last few weeks. Since I have not posted in a while, I thought I'd show the painting.

Today is my little girl's art class. I'm looking forward to them. We are going to do a little watercolor of fall trees. They have been doing lots of drawing lessons, but we need a break. Gotta spice up our art.

Things have been busy. Toby took off work last Thursday and Friday so that we could work on the house. We did stucco on the east side. It only had the scratch coat. All of the house needs a color coat. Maybe we will get that done in the next ten years or so. Stucco is tough stuff. It wears us out. We should have done this when we were younger. At least the weather was really nice. Although, I'm looking forward to some cooler weather rather than the mid 80's. It is almost Novemeber, after all.

Saturday we went to WF to do the usual mom thang. Toby's mom is frail. I worry about her. My mom is not frail and she wants to fight. Her dementia is getting worse every day. It is a tough situation.  She is not a happy camper. I spent some time writing up my thoughts - keeping a diary of sorts on Mom's dementia, but not posting them. Yet.

The good part of going to WF was seeing Jesse. She had volunteered to do trunk or treat for kids in the neighborhood around her school. She dressed up as Frida Kahlo and had a pumpkin toss.

Toby made her a firebox for her backyard. She designed the box and Toby did the welding. We put iron casters on the bottom so she could move it around. The box is heavy duty!

I'd better get a move on. Lots to do today. Thanksgiving is just 25 days away.


Skid Row of my Left Brain said...

hmmm... Frida has one eyebrow - very authentic. I love the firebox!

You guys are all so artistic.

Jo Castillo said...

Your painting looks very fine on the computer. I like the soft blue in the sky.

Jessie looks fine as well. Smiling. Great job on the firebox by Toby and Jessie’s design Nice!!!

Good for you to write the journal, we need outlets for frustration, and love, too.

Bag Blog said...

Jesse can draw a great eyebrow.

I saw one of Jesse's old costume photos where she dressed up like Charlie Chaplin. Pretty funny!