Monday, January 08, 2018

Back in the Data Again

Yes, we  have data again and I don't feel guilty for using it to blog. Toward the end of the month, we start getting notices on how much data we have used. With the cold/icy weather over the New Year, Toby and I used up too much data. We can still have data, but it is extremely slow. I can live with that, but it makes me a bit fretful for some reason. It is always a good feeling when you are back in the data.

While we were frozen in and staying by the warm fire, Toby and I made some hand-built pottery pieces. I made two little village candle holders - I made little buildings in a round open vessel for a candle. The flame will show through the windows of the little buildings. Okay, okay, I'll get a photo.
 Toby made a coffee mug with his brand on it. Then we made butter dishes. Our friend, Frank, gave Toby a pattern for a butter dish. Toby used Frank's pattern, but made it slightly larger for a pound of butter. Being independent minded, I chose to make my own butter dish, my way. I made an enclosed box and then cut the box in two pieces - the lid and the bottom. Then I decorated the lid and put a handle on it. When I was all finished and letting it harden, Toby said, "Why did you put the handle on the bottom?" What!?  Sure enough! At some point in working on the butter dish, I got it turned over. The lid should have been the big part, but I had gotten it upside down and put the handle on it. It made me LOL. Now it is not a butter dish, but a treasure chest.

As if I needed more stuff to do, I have signed up for the ceramics continuing ed course at MSU in Wichita Falls on Monday nights.  Jesse has been taking this class since she graduated from MSU. It allows her to use the ceramics studio and all the supplies for a reasonable if not small fee. Jesse has suggested I take the class several times. I have thought about it lots. This seemed like a good time to go ahead and sign up.  I can go to WF and get errands done and do ceramics. Sometimes I will spend the night with Jesse. It will give me lots more knowledge of ceramics, lots of practice, and as Jesse said, "It is a good investment." My reason for doing it - time with Jesse.

One other interesting tidbit. The neighbor's potbellied pig has been coming over to eat dog food. She is a cute little thing. She will let me pet her. Sometimes she sits out front in the sun. When she is ready, she goes home. The dogs could care less, unless she tries to get in their dog house. Miss Piggy


Jo Castillo said...

I love the pottery. Toby is very good with his hands! I like your treasure chest.

You will have fun in the ceramics class. Good opportunity. Yay!

Miss Piggy is a painting on the hoof.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, I love that "painting on the hoof"!

Anonymous said...

I'm having a pork chop right now, with some black beans and rice.