Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My trip to WF yesterday was without excitement. Mom was great. We had lunch with my sister-in-law and ran some errands. I filled Mom's car up with gas for $2.91. I filled my own car up the day before in Lawton for $3.18. Toby said gas prices around Houston were in the $2.70's (still, not a good reason to move to Houston). It just seemed a bit of a large gap in prices, but Toby said some refineries in Kansas were flooded and caused our prices to go up - the old supply and demand thing.

While in WF I bought some salmon at Sam's. Jesse and I love it, but Toby only tolerates it - so it is a treat for us when he is gone. I cooked the salmon on the grill with butter and lemon and Cajun seasonings. It was wonderful. Lindsay came over and ate with us. Later we watched "Romancing the Stone" which we have seen a dozen times, but still love.

When we were kids and Dad was away on business, Mom would fix us certain foods which we loved, but Dad did not care for. Fish of any kind was one of those things that Dad would rather not eat, but we really did not have it often. Maybe that is why it is still such a treat for me. No, when Dad was gone, we would have chicken livers fried or sometimes beef liver. Craig and I were silly over liver. When the school served liver for lunch, all the other students opted for peanut butter, but Craig and I wolfed down as much liver as we could eat. Sillylivers!

My cousin, Jim the Marine, came home for his two week vacation. Since he is working with the Army, he is tour of duty is for a full year this deployment. He is now back in Iraq doing basically the same thing as before, but he will be advising an Iraqi Army Brigade. He said it was more desk time and less time with soldiers which he was not thrilled with, but such is life in the military. Here are some pics of he and his lovely wife on his trip home:


Catherine MacDermott said...

I'll have to remember that liver is a treat for Craig...not sure how it might turn out with a vegetarian cooking a liver dinner. Actually, I'm a vegequarium....I do eat and LOVE fish! So when you come here for a visit, Lou, I'll fix you some nice fish!!!

If you get a hankerin' for some Texas Trouble while Toby is away, please head this way :)

Bag Blog said...

Actually, Catherine, I have been thinking about that - a road trip sounds pretty nice.

Buck Pennington said...

I just knew there had to be other liver-lovers in the world, otherwise why would butchers continue to sell the stuff? Yet it seems SO hard to find people who actually admit they love it. There were two "signature" dishes in our house when I was growing up: fried chicken EVERY Saturday night, and liver & onions about every ten days or so. Yet it's pretty hard to find liver on a restaurant menu these days, harder still to find it done well.

Gas is still over the three dollar per gallon mark here, but I don't know exactly how much over. I haven't filled up the car in a couple of weeks. Which is another way of saying "I need to get out more."

Becky said...

MMMMM I love liver, too. I never had any until I was grown. Apparently, my parents didn't like it.

Gas here was 2.89 last time I looked.

Bag Blog said...

Maybe it is a Southern thing. There are actually several places around here that serve liver & onions. I don't do a lot of fried foods anymore, but livers are just hard to pass up.

Two good reasons to live in the south - Fried liver and lower gas prices.

Buck Pennington said...

Two good reasons to live in the south - Fried liver and lower gas prices.

Three: sweet tea. Nowhere else. And there are many, many more reasons...if I put my mind to it. "No snow" is right up there, too.