Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Plan

Sarah Ann came to art yesterday – like old times. She was my first art student about 10 years ago and has stayed with me. She is an excellent artist and probably does not need me as a teacher, but I treasure her friendship and enjoy our time together. We both worked on watercolor, although Sarah can work well in any medium.
This is my little painting done from a picture in a book. Earlier in the day, I started this cloud painting. Toby thought it was "wild." This is just the under-painting and will calm down as I apply more paint. Painting is often done in layers. Hopefully, it will begin to look more like the photo as I paint more layers. Hopefully, it will not look JUST like the photo, but be a bit looser. We will see.

I am taking Ranger the Rat Terrier to the vet this morning. Maybe he will get his stitches out today. Since I will be in town, I will have lunch with Toby and Jes – maybe I will get the GGs too. Wal-Mart is also on my to-do list. This evening we are attending a wedding shower for Jeramie and Rebekah, which will be more like a big gathering of friends for fun and games. In the morning, we are planning on a big bike ride to prepare for the HHH. And then there is Lindz birthday dinner tomorrow night. Looks like it is shaping up to be a busy weekend. Yeha!

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Buck said...

I always enjoy the difference in perspective between the thumbnails and the full sized pics... it's like the perspective one gets in a gallery. Nice capture of the light in the ballerina painting, btw. And yeah, the underlying work in the clouds painting IS quite wild!

Have a great... if busy... weekend, Lou!